Use Google Latitude to locate a mobile phone

You are getting news and knowing your friends’ interests through different social networking sites. Now you can also know where your friends are at this moment if they keep their cell-phones active. You can get this amazing facility by using Google Latitude. It is clear from the name that this application has been developed by Google. The users should have Google accounts; then they will be able to view the location of the cell phones of their friends, the location will be mapped on the Google Maps. Usually every person keeps his/her mobile phone with himself/herself; hence by locating the mobile phone location, you are locating the person actually.

All the users should have Google accounts and each user should follow the instructions of the Google Latitude to enjoy this facility. By setting the privacy options you can allow other users to view your exact location or just the city where you are. You will be able to view the location of the users who have taken decision to share this with you. Users can also enter a location manually. How you can use this application on your mobile phone – it has been stated in the following paragraphs.

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Use Google Latitude on your desktop:

If you have not any Google account, then open one immediately. Activate the account properly; then go to Google Latitude login page. When you will be prompted to enter password, enter it correctly. Google Latitude will appear in front of you. Now set your location manually or set it to detect your location. Look at the “Privacy settings” and click on the down arrow. A list will appear. Choose “Set your location” to set the location manually. After clicking on “Set your location”, a box will appear just above the “Privacy settings”. Write your address in the box, then click “Save”. You will see an icon including your photograph on the map.

To view the location of your friends you should add them to your latitude list. Click on “ADD FRIENDS” to add your friends. Invite them by using their email addresses. Invitation will be sent to their email addresses. When they will start to use Google Latitude and allow you to view their locations, you will view their icons on the map on your Google Latitude page.

Using Google Latitude on your mobile phone:

You can achieve this facility if you have a mobile phone which is compatible with Google Latitude. Almost all the Phones which can run Google map can run the Latitude also. If your friends did not install the Latitude yet, tell them to install it. Your friends will be able to locate your location and you will be able to locate them. However, if necessary you can hide your location by selecting the “Hide your location” option on the “Privacy” tab.

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Author: SalimuddinSultan

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