How can you share your WordPress posts on your Facebook or Twitter accounts automatically?

Many people like to build their own websites or blogs to publish their own interests and writings to the world. Many companies build their own websites to expand their business. Nowadays, websites or blogs have become a source of income also. WordPress is such a blogging tool which can be used for any of the above purposes. If you are an owner of a WordPress blog or site and want to present your posts to more people, then the “Publicize” feature of the WordPress can help you a lot. You will get this feature when you will register for a If your WordPress is not enriched with this feature, then you can install it by collecting or purchasing a sharing plugin. Network Publisher can be a good solution to this.

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How will you do that?

To access all of the features of a WordPress site you need to enter there as an administrator. After entering there go to the “Post” and then “Add New” to publish a new post. Add the title of your post in the title box. Then prepare the body of the post by writing and inserting necessary contents. After completing these tasks, you should choose the category under which the post will be published. If you do not select any category, the post will be published under the default category.

Then add necessary tags which can be suitable for the post. Now revise all the things that you have done. If everything is ok, then you are ready to publish the post. WordPress allows you to publish your posts immediately or at a scheduled time. To publish the post immediately, go to the “Publish” box at the right side of the editing box. It is better to save the post by pressing the “Save Draft” button; however, WordPress saves your posts automatically as draft after each editing task.

To publish your posts on your networking sites, your WordPress site or blog should be connected to your networking accounts. You can do that by going to the “Settings” menu, then “Sharing”. Let the feature “Publish immediately” remain as it is to publish the post immediately. Just go to the “Publicize” feature. Click on the “Edit” button which is at the right side of the “Publicize”. Select all the networking sites where you want to publish your post. You can add a custom message there for your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn friends. Now everything is done, click on the “Publish” button. The post will be published on your WordPress site as well as on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts simultaneously.

You can also schedule your post to publish it at a future time. To do this, click on “Edit” which is at the right side of the “Publish immediately”. Set your desired date and time, then click OK. Then select the networking sites from “Publicize”. After setting the date and time, you will view a “Schedule” button instead of “Publish”. Now click on the “Schedule” button. The post will be published on your site and networking accounts at the scheduled time.

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Author: SalimuddinSultan

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