Documents to Go – Android App Review

Android and other smart phone operating systems are known to offer us amazing portability that can replace our laptops and desktop computers. However, no other applications have replaced the office suits of computers for mobile platforms like Documents to Go Application by DataViz. With Documents to Go application, you can open or edit almost all types of document files of Microsoft Office Suit for computers.

So, if you do not like carrying your laptop with you, you can still keep your important document files with you on your Android device. You can view, edit or create any type of Microsoft Office file on the move.

After downloading Documents to Go, here is the first screen that you will see:

Documents to Go – Welcome Screen

You can select the “+” sign to create a new document file. Here is a demonstration of creating a new “Word” file.

Create a Document File

Creating Demo Word File

Saving Demo Word File

Saving a Demo Word File

On the other hand, you can see that there are a number of different options on the home screen of this application.

Documents to Go – Home Screen

To explain the options further, let’s have a look at the options in detail:

Recent Files: If you select “Recent Files” option, you will see a list of the document files that you opened most recently. It is a smart option to access the most recently used document files on your Android device.

Local Files: You can browse through all the document files on your SD card by selecting this option. When you are browsing through the files, there are several different activities that you can perform. For instance, you can multi-select document files and delete them or send them directly via an email client. Similarly, you have the option to sort your document files on SD card by name, size, file type or modified time.

Desktop Files: Another great feature of Documents to Go application is that you can even synchronize your desktop files with your Android device easily.

Starred Files: Starred files are your favorite document files that you have starred for accessing quicker through selecting this option.

Google Docs: Documents to Go also lets you access your Google Docs directly from this application. So, you can browse your Google Docs on your mobile device easily and edit it.

Finally, Documents to Go application also supports Adobe PDF files. So, you can easily read your important PDF files on your Android device while roaming.

So, if you look at the usability and compatibility features of this application, it is quite evident that it is the most important office suite for any individual or business owner having an Android device.

Screenshots by: Zealous.Zaryab

Author: zealous.zaryab