Old Google Analytics Version Discontinued

by adrianpadeanu screenshot of http://www.google.com/analytics/

As the old saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new”. On 18 July, 2012, web giant Google decided to discontinue the old version of its statistic service, as a move to make users focus on the new version which is able to provide real-time results. This decision coming from Google was expected by many users of the previous Google Analytics service that received support from the company for almost a year after the new version came out.

The new version of Google Analytics was launched in September, 2011, focusing on offering real-time results but at the same time maintaining at the bottom of the page a link to the previous version for a short while. However, that link is no longer available so you will have to get used to working without the link.

For those of you that still had not made the transition, Google says that the new version comes with not only real-time results reporting, but also a social report for measuring how effective the social media are. Also available are content experiments which give web editors the possibility of showing various versions of a web page to the users and then measure how effective these are.

Google says that the new version is bigger and better, so what are its biggest advantages? First and foremost, it gives an analytics employee the chance of seeing what is happening on the website in real-time. Also available are social reports which allow the users to find out the value of the social-driven traffic and detect how these lead to direct conversions, as well as the last interaction conversions and assisted conversions.

It is important to mention that in June, 2012, Google released the mobile application of Google Analytics which can provide data concerning new users, downloads, conversions, retention, app sales and others as well. Another feature that comes with the new version of Google Analytics would have to be Multi-Channel Funnels reports which show the channels that the customers have been interacting with for the last 30 days before conversion or purchase.

Many people will agree to the fact that these self-service analytics tools like the one offered by Google are more and more important for the businesses that are on the look for additional data insights so that these businesses can make better decisions in the future, but due to the absence of a trained data analyst, this information provided by Google Analytics and other similar services is not being used to its maximum potential.

While the number of self-service tools keeps on growing, there is still an important need for analysts that have the proper training to know how to use the information providing by Google Analytics and other similar services. Even those companies that have a generous budget can only hire a limited number of analysts and because of this, right now there is still a major need of business intelligence tools which as most of you know are self-service.

Author: Adrian Padeanu