Apple Releases Several Mac Application Updates, Besides Mountain Lion

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Besides introducing OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has also issued several updates for some of it’s company software, such as: Safari, iMovie, iPhoto and Aperture. The most substantial update is the one for Safari, while the other three apps have received several minor fixes and features.

Safari 6 is now available on all of the Macs that are running the OS X Mountain Lion operating system. At least for now, Apple has no plans on issuing an update for those who are using a previous version of the Mac OS X or have a computer that runs on Microsoft’s Windows. This new update to Apple’s web browser introduces the Smart Search Field, which works as both the web address bar and search field.

Another new feature introduced in Safari 6 is the Offline Reading List. The web browser is now capable of saving an entire web page in the Reading List so that the user can read that web page even when there isn’t an Internet connection available. Also worth mentioning is the Do Not Track function which will send a request to the websites that the user is visiting not to track online.

Safari 6 also brings the password pane from where the user can manage the saved website logins. Another novelty is the leading Chinese search engine Baidu which is now offered as a built-in option for the web browser.

Moving on to iMovie, the application has reached version 9.0.7 which fixes a problem regarding third-party QuickTime components which up until now could have caused the application to quit unexpectedly. There are also other stability issues solved, the ones that occurred when previewing MPEG-2 clips in the Camera Import window. There’s also a fix for when the audio was not included during importation of MPEG-2 clips from a digital camera.

iPhoto has reached version 9.3.2 that includes support for OS X Mountain Lion and it also brings several stability and performance improvements. In addition, there are new sharing options, like Twitter and Messages.

Last but not least, Aperture (version 9.3.2) is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion and fixes the problems that appeared when exiting or entering Full Screen mode. The Auto White Balance function is now capable of correcting the color with the Skin Tone mode even if the Faces feature is deactivated. There are also a few performance and stability improvements, along with the capability of sorting by date the albums and projects in the Library Inspector.

In related news, Apple has also issued a firmware update for the Retina MacBook Pro which adds support for the recently introduced PowerNap feature in Mountain Lion. This feature allows the laptop to preserve energy by keeping the Sleep mode while allowing system network access for synchronization and updates, along with performing any necessary backups in the background. This update has been available only for Retina MacBook Pro and the MacBook Airs manufactured since 2011.

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Author: Adrian Padeanu