Mountain Lion Arrives On Mac, What’s New ?

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Mountain Lion marks the ninth major version of Apple’s OS X and it brings no less than 200 new features. While a few major additions stand out from the rest of the crowd, there are other small ones just as important for the user. Similar to its predecessors, the latest version of the operating system draws a lot of its inspiration from iOS.

There is only one place from where you can get Mountain Lion, and that is the Mac App Store because Apple has decided not to sell the new OS on an expensive USB flash drive like they did before. With the new version of the operating system, Apple’s iCloud is now more deeply integrated in the OS. Applications like Preview and TextEdit are now capable of saving the documents straight to iCloud, while the online documents will be organized into the iCloud Document Library.

One of the headline features of Mountain Lion is the Notification Center which will keep you informed with the alerts about e-mails, iMessages and other similar happenings, just as it does in iOS 5. If you do not click on the prompted alert, this notification is going to be moved to an out-of-view list so that you can respond to it later. For accessing this list the user has to swipe by using two fingers from the right edge of the trackpad, or he can click the icon located at the menu bar’s far right. Turning off the alerts can be done by scrolling upwards on the list which will then reveal a switch that can be toggled for deactivating the alerts.

Mountain Lion also comes with a dictation feature which only works with English access from the U.S., UK and Australia, plus Japanese, German and French. As far as Reminders and Notes are concerned, these now have their own apps instead of being incorporated into iCal and Mail, respectively. Reminders is a simple to-do list with the possibility of configuring alerts which will appear when you arrive or leave at a location. The Notes application will default to the Noteworthy typeface and comes with the Share button that has been borrowed from iOS.

Apple says that Safari 6.0 brings better JavaScript performance while the hardware acceleration will make reading long pages better with a smoother scroll functionality. Safari’s Tab View will show a graphical preview of all the opened tabs, which means that the user will find the tab that he is looking for faster. There’s also the Share button for posting a page to Twitter or to send it through iMessage.

A new security feature implemented in Mountain Lion is Gatekeeper which will protect the computer against applications that might come from a malicious source. The user can turn it off completely or he can set it to the extreme level in which only the applications coming from the Mac App Store will be able to run on the computer.

Author: Adrian Padeanu