Apple Microsoft to join forces for Kodak’s patents

World tech giants Apple and Microsoft are set to team up once again as the duo look to bid on a collection of patents from now bankrupt Kodak, according to a report.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the two companies plan to come together along with Intellectual Ventures owned by Nathan Myhrvold, in what is being seen as an effort to get their hands on most, if not all of the patents that are owned by Kodak at the present time. Bidding for the patents is slated to start as early as next week. (30th July – 4th August)

The report also said that the group will face opposition from a rival group which could consist of Google, Samsung, HTC, LG and RPX.

The collaboration between Apple and Microsoft is nothing new. We have seen in June 2011 that the duo, along with the likes of EMC, Ericsson, Research In Motion, and Sony lodged a successful bid for Nortel’s patent portfolio. This group beat the likes of Google and Intel with a winning bid of $4.5 billion for rights of exclusive access to intellectual property which included patent applications and patents for data networking, wireless, wireless 4G, voice, optical, Internet, and semiconductor technologies.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the price for Kodak’s patents can be less than half of the $4.5 billion mentioned above.

As far as collection of patents and patent applications that have gone on sale recently, Kodak’s lot is the latest. Besides the Nortel bid, King of Prussia sold off 1700 patents to Intel for $374 million. Microsoft acquired a patent deal from AOL for a billion dollars while Google has now claimed that they had to pay Motorola a sum of $5.5 billion dollars for their patents and other technologies when they acquired the latter in a deal which was worth $12.4 billion.

In other news relating to Apple, the Tim Cook led company is believed to be keen on making an investment on social media website Twitter. With a cash reserves of $117 billion, Apple are said to have already spoken to Twitter officials regarding the matter and are expected to make a heavy investment soon according to reports from the New York Times.

Twitter, in the meanwhile, has already gathered close to a billion dollars in funding. Twitter is expected to generate close to $300 million in advertising sales alone this financial year.

The report also highlights the close relation that was shared between Twitter CFO Ali Rowghani, who had spent 9 years at Pixar Animation Studios, and Late Apple CEO and Pixar Chairman Steve Jobs.

Author: Saptarshi