Dolphin Browser HD – Android App Review

There are not many internet browsers on the Android platform that are rated as highly as the “Dolphin Browser HD”. Gone are the days when people used to rely on the stock internet browser on their Android devices. Now, there are numerous internet browsers available for Android that promises to offer sophisticated and intelligent web browsing experience for Android users.

The latest version of Dolphin Browser HD v7.4 is certainly the most intelligent, fun and innovative web browser that has ever been introduced to Android users. When it comes to distinctive features, Dolphin falls in its own unique league. There is no web browser parallel to the number of new and exciting features that Dolphin offers to the Android users.

Home Page

Dolphin Browser HD is available on Google Play for free with Flash Support and other Add-ons. However, the most prominent and unique feature of the Dolphin is to control the browser by drawing gestures on the screen. There is a predefined set of gestures in the browser for performing different activities, but you can also customize your own gestures.

For example, draw the letter “G” and the browser will open Google for you. Similarly, drawing the letter “M” will bookmark your current web page or draw the right angled bracket “>” to go forward to the next page or draw the left angled bracket “<” to go back to the previous page. For drawing the gestures, you need to touch the dolphin symbol at the bottom left of the browser.


Now, you can try drawing different gestures.

Draw a Gesture

Dolphin now also include a voice recognition system called “Dolphin Sonar”. To use Dolphin Sonar, touch the dolphin symbol and then touch the microphone symbol.

Dolphin Sonar

So, you can experience web browsing like never before. If you want to search for a website, just say what you want to search for and Dolphin Sonar will do it for you. It can also open some of the most popular websites like Facebook by just saying Facebook using Dolphin Sonar.

On the other hand, there are smart features like tabbed browsing that makes mobile browsing as easy as browsing on a desktop computer. Just like your desktop internet browsers, you can open multiple tap to browse a number of different websites at a time. Switching between the tabs is easy as well. To switch between the opened tabs, just touch the tab that you want to open.

Finally, the sidebar makes it extremely easy to manage bookmarks, check history or access the settings menu. You can swipe to the right sidebar for accessing bookmarks.

Right SideBar

Or, swipe to the left sidebar to access additional options or Add-ons.

Left SideBar

All in all, Dolphin Browser HD is considered the best web browser for Android gadgets to date.

Screenshots by: Zealous.Zaryab

Author: zealous.zaryab