Go Launcher Ex – Android App Review

Are you bored with your stock App launcher on your Android gadget? If your answer is Yes, then Go Launcher Ex is just the right application for your android device. There are literally tons of app launcher available now on the Google Play Store, but they are not all the same. Go Launcher Ex is by far the most popular and customizable app launcher available on Google Play Store.

Unlike some of the other app launchers, Go Launcher gives you total control of your Android home screen. You can download thousands of themes, widgets or use smooth and fancy transition animations to make an impression on your friends.

Here is what this beautiful launcher looks like:

Go Launcher App Drawer

You can see it is very sleek and simple yet very stylish. However, there are thousands of different themes available for Go Launcher that will completely change the outlook of the home screen.

Go Launcher replaces the option menu of your Android device and when you touch the option button, you will see this new option menu by Go Launcher.

Go Launcher’s Options Menu

Unlike the boring stock menu, it includes plenty of additional features as well. As you can see, there are options to change your wallpaper, themes and lots more.

Also, there is an option to change the default home screen transition. When you select “Effects”, you will see a number of different transition effects available for you to choose from.

Go Launcher – Effects Selection

Some of the most popular and catchy effects are Cube inside, Cube Outside and Chariot. When you select any of these effects, you will see an instant demo of the effects. If you like your selection, you can keep it or keep checking out random effects.

On the other hand, when you select “Preference” from the option menu, you will see numerous customization options available for your launcher. You can change the visual settings, screen settings or customize your app drawer setting according to your own personal liking. In app drawer settings, you can customize the scrolling orientation or grid size for yourself.

App Drawer Settings

Finally, if you have spent too much time in customizing your home screen with Go Launcher App and you do not want to lose all the hard work that you have put in it, it has an ability to back up & restore your personal settings. Under “More Settings” choose “Backup & restore”.

Go Launcher – More Settings

Now, select “Backup Go Launcher”. It will back up your personal settings within a second.


Back Up & Restore Settings

You can easily judge that Go Launcher App helps you customize the whole look of your Android device. So, you are never going to get bored with your device. Whenever you feel you are bored with the home screen, just download the latest Go Launcher Ex themes or change the effects.

Screenshots by: Zealous.Zaryab

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