Samsung – the undisputed leader of Smartphone-land

Research by IDC has determined that Samsung continues to be the leading smartphone manufacturer and seller across the globe. One of the main reasons behind Samsung’s ability to extend its lead over Apple is the fact that the latest from the Galaxy range of smartphones, the Samsung galaxy S III released much before the updated iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII got rave reviews when it released in the second quarter of the year. The Samsung Galaxy works on a 4G network and in the United States where telecom companies have been moving towards 4G networks, customers have been quick to buy the SIII. The screen on the Samsung Galaxy is much larger that Apple’s offering and is lighter as well as thinner than the iPhone.

A 4G enabled iPhone is not expected until late in the third quarter of this year. The iPhone 4S, which is the current model came out in October last year and saw its sales come down after a few months of the release.

Other than this factor, Samsung’s strategy of developing several devices for a range of customers also helped retain its position as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Apple, on the other hand, with its high end iPhone only targets the high end buyers.

According to the report, Samsung Electronics shipped more than 50 million smartphones worldwide in the second quarter of 2012 and had a market share of 33 percent, which is nearly a 100 percent jump from last year, when the company had a market share of 17 percent. In contrast, Apple has gone down from 19 to 17 percent as far as global market share in smartphones is concerned. The company sold 26 million iPhones in the second quarter of this year.

The day the IDC report came out into the open also coincided with the day that Samsung posted yet another record-high quarterly profit, which is largely thanks to the sale of their Galaxy range of Android smartphones.

However, the question now is that how long Samsung will be able to sustain such a huge market share and profits once the new iPhone is out.

Market analysts are of the opinion that Samsung will continue to dominate the third quarter of this year as well with the Samsung Galaxy SIII sales reaching a peak. However, sales are likely to drop as we near the holiday season towards the end of the quarter, when the new iPhone is expected to be up for sale.

Author: Saptarshi