iOS App Store Affected By Windows Malware

by adrianpadeanu screenshot of iTunes

In one of the applications that was being distributed in the App Store for iOS, it has been discovered a Windows malware worm fortunately has a relatively low threat. This worm doesn’t affect the iOS or the MacOS platform but it can be dangerous for those that manage the application in their iTunes accounts on a Windows-running computer.

On an Apple discussion forum, a user by the alias of “deesto” said that he previously downloaded from the iTunes store the “Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram” application and after that he noticed that his antivirus program (ClamXav) flagged that downloaded file due to a malware called “Worm.VB-900” contained in the application.

At first, that file was suspected to be just a false positive, but after an in-depth investigation it was discovered that the malware in question was present in the app package. This malware is not new as it was discovered for the first time in August, 2009, which is why it has been detected properly by most anti-malware tools, meaning that it will most likely be detected if it is installed on the computer. Taking into account that it is Windows-based, it won’t threat those using a iOS device or those that run the Mac OS on their computers.

If this malware is copied to a Windows virtual machine that runs the newest version of Microsoft’s Security Essential software, the malware will be right away detected and deleted from the system. After the malware was detected, Apple decided to remove the aforementioned Instaquotes application from the iOS App Store, which means that the user can’t download it via iTunes or straight from his iOS-running device.

It is important to mention that this is not the first time a malware has penetrated the App Store. Earlier this year, an application by the name of “Find & Call” was discovered by Kaspersky Lab, which was a data-harvesting malware. Soon after this Apple removed the application from the App Store, the same decision that they took with the “Worm.VB-900” malware found in the “Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram” application.

All things considered, even though in recent years more and more viruses and malware software have been created for Apple’s operating systems, these are still considerably stronger in comparison to Microsoft’s Windows OS. Hopefully, the upcoming Windows 8 that will be out in October will be able to offer a better protection against these attacks compared to previous versions of the popular operating system.


Author: Adrian Padeanu