Enable Automatic Updates and News for Games in Microsoft Windows 7

Right from the very first GUI-based operating system released by Microsoft, i.e. Windows 95, the installation process of the OS also installs some built-in games. Some of the most played built-in games in Microsoft operating systems are Solitaire, Hearts, Free Cell, Minesweeper, Chess, etc. In earlier versions of Microsoft operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP or below, in order to receive updates or news about the built-in Microsoft games, people were required to either search the Internet manually or they needed to wait for the next release of the operating system. Sometimes users used to download third-party games in order to get all those features that were missing in the built-in Windows games.

This problem has been rectified in Microsoft Windows 7 and users can now configure the operating systems to check for the updates and news about the games online if the computers have active Internet connections. This feature allows users to remain updated with the latest information about the games and if configured properly, the operating system automatically downloads the available updates for the games as well. Most of the times, the updates are the patches that prevent the games from getting crashed while the applications are in use.

By default, Microsoft Windows 7 is configured to download art and installation information about the installed games only. It is not configured to download updates and latest news about the games. However for game players it is strongly recommended to enable this feature manually in order to stay up to date with the latest news and updates about the installed games.

The feature can be enabled by just a few mouse clicks and prior to doing so, it must be ensured that the computer has an active Internet connection so that all the available updates can be downloaded and news can be received without any hitch or glitch.

Enabling Automatic Updates and News for Games

In order to configure Microsoft Windows 7 to download updates and receive news for the games automatically, steps given below must be followed:

  1. Log on to Windows 7 computer.
  2. Click Start, and from the displayed menu click Games.
  3. On the opened window, click Options and from the opened Set up game updates and options box, under Game updates and news section, click to select Automatically check online for updates and news, then notify me when they’re available radio button.

    Enable Updates and News for Games

  4. Click OK when done to save the changes.
Author: Vivek Nayyar

Works as Systems Admin in Siskin Technologies, India. Corporate trainer on Microsoft and Cisco platform. Specialized in Virtualization Technology. LAN Consultant for some local organizations.