How open source software transformed our lives?

We are living in a wonderful and beautiful world, where democracy is thriving, human rights are respected, and more or less everybody is treated equally irrespective of nationality, creed and religion. But above all of them it is the freedom to do anything and everything, which takes the cake and is more precious than any thing else. We today enjoy complete freedom in every sphere of life, independent to make all kinds of legal choices. But in the world of software applications, there was a time when couple of monsters held the monopoly over the entire tech space, compelling everybody to buy their products by paying expensive fee and bowing heads before their unreasonable and stringent licensing agreements.

But, as history has always shown, you can not keep people in bondage for long and one day people will raise their heads and make all sorts of sacrifices to strive for the most precious thing they yearn for, their freedom. A group of enthusiastic youngsters started writing software programs with the intention of sharing it with everybody, seeking opinion and collaboration from other fellow programmers and get away with those expensive licensing money. Open source term was first used, when in 1998, Netscape released the source code of its extremely popular browser Netscape. This incident changed everything and paved the way for the new open source revolution. All those enthusiastic programmers, who were always votary of open source software, felt a shot in their arm and came together to formally, come up with Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Open Source Definition.

This development made possible the formalization of existing open source software like Linux, and made them readily available and accessible through the platform of OSI. Then a barrage of open source applications came up, which completely broke every kind of bonds that commercial software’s were exercising. Now instead of using expensive operating systems, there are cheaper flavors of Linux available, which have improved and evolved to have become a very cost effective alternative. All the database applications developers and users have been hugely enthused by the rise and rise of MySQL that now almost matches the efficiency and power of the most popular commercial RDBMS.

World of programming completely transformed with the advent of PHP, which is a server side scripting language. Today most of the dynamic websites are driven by reliable combination of PHP and MySQL. Today PHP itself has given birth to so many applications, finding use in variety of areas like project management, customer relationship management, content management system and many other software programs.

Author: ucavik