Office 2013 or Office 15 and its new features

Microsoft Office 2013 is also codenamed as Office 15; a group of software has been included here. The suite includes Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Access 2013 etc. The number of programs may vary in different versions. There is bad news for the Windows XP or Vista users – Office 2013 will run in Windows 7 & 8 and other Windows Server’s latest versions only. Office 2013 software suite has come with many new features; some of these features are described below.

Changes in User Interface:

Those who have been familiar with ribbon menus will also feel easy to use the Office latest software. A special change has occurred in the UI. The starters will see Microsoft account photo and user’s name at the upper-right corner of the applications. This will remind you that the cloud environment is here now. Clicking on the photo you can adjust the account settings or switch accounts. There is also a smiley which will allow you (the beta testers) to provide feedback.

Integrating Cloud:

From this version of Office suite, saving to the SkyDrive is a default feature. Usually, when you click the Save button, you will see the progress bar on the screen to confirm you the latest draft is being saved to the cloud. However, the default feature supports only Microsoft’s own services such as SkyDrive and SharePoint. The users will also be able to share their works with other people just by sending the URL. Another feature you will get in Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013, it is named as Resume Reading. This bookmarking feature will allow you to pick up an item exactly where it was left.

Touch mode feature:

Office 2013 has come with touch mode feature which will allow the users to operate the applications from touch enabled devices. To use the feature you should enable it first. After launching the application Word, Excel, or PowerPoint go to the quick-access-toolbar and click on the down arrow. After expanding the menu tap or click on the Touch Mode, and it will be added to the toolbar. From now you can activate the feature just by clicking or tapping on it.

On-screen Keyboard:

On-screen keyboard is very important for the touch devices. Remembering this Windows 8 has come with this on-screen keyboard feature. Office 2013 suits well with this Windows 8 feature. Though it is not a perfect substitute yet, but it works well.

The Account Pane:

This pane will allow the users to see all the services with which the Office copy is connected, including YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

Editing PDF files:

Now Office will also allow you to edit the PDF files. After editing it you can save it as the previous file or as a new file. This feature will save users’ money. Now they will not need to buy any extra software for this task.

Author: SalimuddinSultan

Syed Ahmed Salimuddin Sultan is a Computer Science graduate. He has written many technical articles on different sites.