New Outlook grabs 1 million users in six hours

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On July 31, 2012, Microsoft launched the revamped version of its highly popular e-mail service, bringing the Metro user interface to Hotmail and Live users. In addition, the name has now been changed to Those who have a Hotmail account can make the switch to by simply accessing the settings pane within their e-mail accounts, while new members are welcomed by Microsoft.

This new and modern interface of has been an instant hit for Microsoft in only the first six hours after the new website went live, more than one million users accessed the service. These numbers have grown over the last week since a lot of people migrated from their old accounts while others created new ones. Through the official @Outlook account on Twitter, Microsoft announced that one million people have signed up for the new Outlook, just six hours after the service was launched.

The refreshed version of the e-mail service not only brings a more cleaner user interface, but users will also appreciate that there’s more room for messages and less ads to worry about. Users are now able to use e-mail on their smartphones, tablets as well as computers by using Exchange ActiveSync.

Microsoft has implemented a more socially connected experience with the refreshed Outlook since the inbox can easily display photos, chats with friends and status updates. The service is capable of sorting out the messages from contacts, shipping updates, newsletters and social updates so from now on the user can get the e-mail he wants by configuring the available settings.

A novelty of the revamped is putting the user in control of the received advertisements. The user can choose whether he wants the account connected to the various social networking services available, while the e-mails and conversations are kept personal. We should also mention that the new service is cloud-based and it can synchronize users’ e-mail, calendar and contacts across various devices. Although this isn’t a new feature, most people will appreciate that the new Outlook has received these updates.

Needless to say, the service continues to remain totally free and Microsoft has mentioned that it provides “virtually unlimited storage.” Those who are using other e-mail clients such as the ones provided by Yahoo and Gmail, are still able to use in order to manage their e-mails. Microsoft mentioned that these users can add an [email protected] e-mail.

Author: Adrian Padeanu