Things you should remember before developing an Android Application

Due to the development of electronic devices most of the communicating devices are using different types of applications to make the tasks easier. Android is a kind of operating system that is used in the tablet computers and smart-phones. This is developed by a consortium (Open Handset Alliance) led by Google. According to a report by Android Developers, over four hundred million devices have been activated as of Jun 28, 2012. Due to its popularity many application developers like to develop Android applications for both commercial and personal purposes. Before developing such an application you should consider the following things.

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For the beginners:

Usually the Java language is used for the development of important Android applications. There is an Android SDK from Google; this will allow you to develop Android apps even you are not an expert in programming. The SDK or Software Development Kit will allow the users in developing Android apps on Windows. There you will get varieties of resources and libraries for the improvement of Android apps. Enrich your computer with the Android SDK latest version. Now generate a good idea. There are many tutorials (covering Android apps enhancement) you will get in the internet, pick one (relevant to your idea) of them. There is a great market potential for Android applications. You just need a good idea with proper user interface to make your application popular among the users.

Pay attention to Java:

As Java is used to create most of the Android applications, try to learn more about it. The more you will learn the more you will succeed in this field of application development. There are numerous videos on the YouTube regarding to Android application development. You can access them free. Learn as much as you can. When you will design your application you should keep in mind to make the application appealing as well as user friendly. You should design the application thinking about the image resolution of the device where the application will be used. After developing an application you will have to test it. For this purpose, you can install a popular virtual machine, Dalvik.

Debug the application:

After creating and testing the application you may view some problems. You have to debug the application to get smooth performance. It will be better to test the application by other users. Let them use the application for a certain period, one month to three months. Debug all the problems which will be found during the testing period. When you will become sure that the application will run without any problem, then you are ready to release it or deliver it to your customer.

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