Assigning Manual IP Address in Ubuntu Linux

Have you installed the latest version of Ubuntu Linux 12.04? Are you unsure about how to configure your network connections? If your answer is yes, this tutorial will help you understand the very basics of the network connections on Ubuntu. Ubuntu lets you connect to wired, wireless or dial-up internet connections easily. In this tutorial, you will learn to assign an IP address manually to your computer.

First, to set up or manage a network connection, you have to click an icon on the indicators (the bar at the top) that usually looks like up & down direction arrows.

You can see that you can spot the currently connected networks and the options to disconnect, disable, edit or view the information about the connections.

So, to view the current configuration or properties of your active connection, just click “Connection Information”.

You can see that there is a window opened that shows the information about currently active network connections. You can see the IPv4 IP address, Broadcast Address, Subnet Mask, Default Route and Primary DNS configuration.

Now, to assign a manual IP address to your computer, just click on “Edit Connections”.

You can see that there is only one wired connection configured currently. However, you can manually add more than one wired, wireless or other types of network connections through this menu.

To configure the current wired connection, click on the name of the connection and click edit.

In this menu, you can edit the name of your connection or change the current configuration settings. You can also spot your Device MAC address in this panel. Also, there is an option to enable or disable the network to connect automatically.

Similarly, to configure the most commonly used IPv4 or IPv6 settings, click on “IPv4 Settings” or “IPv6 Settings”.

Now, if you want to add an IP to your computer manually, click the drop down menu next to “Method” and you will get a list of different methods to apply to your current connection. Choosing “Manual” will let you add a manual IP address to your computer.

To do that, click on “Add”. Now, you can assign an IP address, Netmask and Gateway to your computer. Similarly, you can enter your preferred DNS next to the “DNS servers”.

After you change the options, click save.

So, you can see that configuring and customizing your network connections in Ubuntu is as easy as in any other operating system.

Screenshots by: Zealous.Zaryab

Author: zealous.zaryab