Using video conferencing for your business

When an individual wants to present something to a group, it can be most effective if video conferencing is used. If anyone wants to do it by arranging a program in a conference hall, it will need a huge budget including conveyance to organize the program. Another limitation is that you will be able to present the presentation only to the people who will attend the meeting. In video conferencing you need not a huge budget and you can present your presentation to many people all over the world.

Software that you can use for video conferencing:

Video conferencing is a type of communication service that allows two people or a group of people to hear and see each other concurrently. This service also allows sharing of different documents and computer applications. To arrange such a conference different types of audiovisual equipments are needed, such as monitor, microphone, camera, speaker, and a transmission medium. You will also need a special program which will use all the accessories properly to make the conferencing system effective. Skype is a very common name in this software group; among many other video conferencing software ooVoo or Nefsis can also be used.

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Video conferencing software Nefsis has powerful criteria to make your video conferencing experience amazing. It supports almost all third party webcams and computer based video conferencing equipments. It supports Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and upper versions. This software has online and dedicated server versions. You can use the online version from your browser via the internet; for dedicated servers you will have to install the software on the servers. Both have fourteen days free trail facilities. Nefsis will allow you to share the desktop screen during the video conferencing. Hence, you can share charts and documents with all the members attended at the meeting while viewing them and hearing their comments.

You can use ooVoo on your desktop or mobile device for video calling. Video call recording and video messages (you can send recorded video files) are also available in this software. When you will use this software for video conferencing you will also be able to add phones (cell phones and land-lines) to video calls and share your desktop screen. To achieve all these facilities in your conference you just need to download and install this software to your computer which is connected to a high speed internet connection and has all necessary accessories. This supports different platforms like PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Another interesting thing about ooVoo is that you can use this software at free of cost.

Professional benefits that you can achieve from video conferencing:

Without any doubt you will be able to save money by using the video conferencing software. You need not any special conference room to arrange the meeting. The members of your organization can attend the video conference from where they are. You can hire professionals from anywhere of the world and keep them in touch through video conferencing. You can save a lot of time. You can directly eliminate the travel time; hence you and your employees will be able to give more time in other important matters of the business.

Author: SalimuddinSultan

Syed Ahmed Salimuddin Sultan is a Computer Science graduate. He has written many technical articles on different sites.