How to Reduce Office Expenditures with Cloud?

In many ways, cloud networking is the next generation of online computing and companies in Silicon Valley are thinking of every possible way of utilizing it, such as Apple’s iCloud. Today cloud computing is become an integral part of wireless networking because it has several advantages besides providing mobility and all-time connectivity.

However, companies and especially business with small budget are cutting their daily expenditures by becoming smarter with cloud networks. This allows new startups to reduce their office expenses and invest in other areas of new business. We will look at some smart practices which can help businesses reduce their office bills.

Go Online

First things first! Putting everything online is the first step to cloud computing. As the name suggests, cloud is defined as a local network of computers and devices, both wired and wireless. For this part of the process, it is necessary to connect all computers and portable devices to the internet. Of course, there are different approaches to achieve it. Proceed to next step after setting up a cloud network.

Wireless networks require less maintenance and have number of advantage over wired networks.

Switch to Online Applications

Purchasing software for office use consumes a large part of the investment and it is the first big hurdle for small budget startups. Some of commonly used applications in offices include MS Office, a suite of documentation, invoice and accounting applications. Fortunately, you can perform tasks of all major office applications online for free.

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Google Apps for Business is a good example that encourages small businesses to utilize commonly used office applications without purchasing actual applications. You can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and do much more. With Google Drive now introduced, you can sign up for 5GB online storage space for free. You can put all your important files there and access them from anywhere. Google and its competitive companies are constantly introducing online applications which can help businesses reduce expenses of purchasing office applications.

Reduce Office Paper Work

When you have linked all your computers and smart devices to local cloud network, you no longer need to print documents to show it to your boss. Just put the document or files on local server or online storage space, and send the link to the file to anyone who requests to provide the document. With reduced paperwork comes reduced stationary and peripheral devices such as printers, photocopy and fax machines will rarely do any work.

Less System Requirements

Since everything resides on the internet, office computers have reduced work load. This will reduce expenses of both purchasing high tech computers and keeping them running in good condition. Although graphic design studios and similar companies will need high performance computers to support graphic design software, company’s management can still remain inside the cloud.

Back up Everything Online

There is a couple of online storage services such as Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. By acquiring their services, offices won’t need to setup a server to back up important documents or host something online. Servers consume huge amount of electricity, and they require air-conditioning and regular maintenance to work in optimum condition.

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There are also many other ways to reduce office expenditures as new cloud services are being introduced. Brainstorm!

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Author: Haris Amjad