How to Get the Most of Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft has been very active over the past few years and has released new operating systems in a short period of time. Most of us haven’t been able to utilize all the features of Vista by now and we have Windows 7 and 8 waiting in line. Windows 7 provides all the features of Vista and a glimpse of new user experience of Windows 8, and it serves as an intermediate operating system between the two.

We reviewed and explained some really useful features, tools and improvements made for Windows 7 allowing you to utilize them in best way possible.

Friendly Networking

Yes, of course; who wouldn’t need a smart networking option in the world of smartphones and cloud computing. Windows 7 introduced HomeGroup, an easy to use local networking tool that allows you to connect computers over the same network to share peripherals such as printer. You can join a HomeGroup network in any edition of Microsoft Windows 7 but you can only create new ones in Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise and Home premium.

You can use HomeGroup feature of Windows 7 to connect computers, printers, fax machines and scanners to share devices among employees; think of a printer attached with a computer on the other side of the office. This encourages reduction in office bills and less number of peripheral devices required.

Great Deals for Students

Microsoft has been very active in helping students with their studies by providing discounts and giveaways for Microsoft Windows 7. For instance, if you purchase a PC with Windows 7 for $699, you will receive a Xbox for free along with an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99. The Windows 8 has not been released yet but you can still be ready to get your upgrade for an incredibly low price. This offer is available at Dell, Best Buy, HP, Microsoft Store and

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Windows 7 also comes with MS Office 2010 that has some new tools and features, which would help students with their studies. OneNote 2010 is introduced with more tools and better user experience in Office 2010. You might have used OneNote 2007 before but the 2010 update allow multiple users to share ideas on single note and encourages collaboration among students. You can organize notes in tabs, search notes, easily create references, and do bunch of great stuff. In fact you can even install OneNote on your Mobile Windows 7 phone or tablet, and synchronize it with your PC running Windows 7.

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Organized Contents

Whether you are a student, professional or business owner, Windows 7 allows you to browse files in categories irrespective of where they are located on your hard drive. Especially graphic designers and developers have often trouble finding files or a code they previously developed.

Libraries in Windows 7 are special folders in which files are categorized according to their type such as music, videos and pictures. To access predefined libraries, go to ‘Start’ menu and search ‘libraries’ and you will be directed to the library directory in Windows Explorer. Simply right click on a folder in ‘Windows Explorer’ and click ‘Include in libraries’in the toolbar and choose a category; this will automatically add it to the library. You can also create new libraries by clicking ‘New Library’ button in the library directory.

There are plenty of other tasks you can do with Windows 7. All you have to do is search for hidden tools in Windows 7 and think of a way to use them in your work routines.

Author: Haris Amjad