Give Your Music Player a Boost with these Affordable Earphones

Earphone is something you always want to replace for a better music listening experience. Most music players come with their own earphones but they don’t give music quality as good as separate earphones. We reviewed some affordable earphones with excellent sound quality to give your music player a boost.

Jays a Jays Four – Cost: $58.69

Jays a Jays Four has a sleek and durable design, and it gives a feel of polished surface, and is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The earphone has a remote on its wire and has three convex shaped soft buttons. You can use them to control music, up/down volume and attend/hold calls etc without using your portable device. A good feature of Jays a Jays Four earphone is the design of its 5mm wide flat cable that doesn’t tangles easily. The headphones’ new L shape plug protects the corner of the wire from breaking.

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SoundMAGIC IN-EAR E10 – $30

SoundMAGIC IN-EAR E10 is an affordable, smart looking and stylish earphone, and is available in a variety of combination of colors. Its gold plated standard 3.5mm plug can be used with any music player, and it gives crystal clean sound quality. You will receive four pairs of rubber buds for different air canal sizes, and a cloth pouch to keep earphone safe from dust.

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SoundMAGIC IN-EAR E10 earphone has a metal case and it is one of the best earphones in the market for this price.

Sennheiser CX281 – $42.29

Sennheiser CX281 is a stylish looking earphone that comes with three silicon ear adapter sizes of small, medium and large for better fitting. A good feature of this product is it comes with an adaptor that allows you to share music with a friend (with an earphone). The earphone comes with a 2 year warranty, and a pouch that can fit iPod Nano 4th Gen and earphone together perfectly.

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Denon AHC260R – $50

Denon AHC260R has a compact round shape and works perfectly with iPhone and iPod. It has a remote with microphone, to control music, up/down volume and attend calls. It comes with four pairs of ear buds and a clip to prevent wires from tangling. It has a metal case and its unique speaker design gives excellent sound quality without any noise disturbance from outside.

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Scosche HP255m – $34.99

It has a silvery shinny looking body with a comfort listening design. The earphone isolates music from outside noise and gives a clear sound. It also has a microphone and a remote to control the music players. A distinct feature of Scosche HP255m earphone is its microphone is separate from the remote that gives clearer sound when you record something. You get better sound when you use Siri for voice commands or during calls. For enhanced listening, you can install Scosche tuneQ App on your music player, available at Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

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Try these earphones and let us know what you think.

Screenshots by Haris Amjad

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  1. Earphone is something you always want to replace for a better music listening experience…

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    Earphone is something you always want to replace for a better music listening experience…

Author: Haris Amjad