Updates for Ubuntu Linux

As we all know, almost all the applications need updates every once in a while. These updates are released for bringing further improvements in the software. Same is the case with operating systems. The operating system is a kind of software itself. Therefore, you have to keep it updated to make sure it works at its optimum level. Also, installing the latest updates also mean that you are more secure against the viruses and unethical hacking activities. This is the reason why IT experts believe that every reliable operating system should offer the latest security updates to counter the latest threats of the IT industry. On the other hand, after the release of an operating system, there may be some stability or performance issues faced by the users. To entertain those concerns, there is a great need to provide performance and stability updates for the operating systems.

When we talk about Ubuntu Linux, it does not lag behind in this case either. Just like all the top notch operating systems, Ubuntu Linux offers the latest comprehensive updates to its users. These updates make sure that your operating system is as solid as it can get against the latest virus or hacking attacks.

Keeping the importance of updates in mind, Ubuntu Linux has provided an amazing utility called “Update Manager” for its users. A user can easily manage the critical and most needed updates via “Update Manager”

You can access this utility easily by spotting the “Update Manager” icon in the vertical bar on the left hand side.

When you click “Update Manager”, you will see that there are check boxes on the left hand side of each update.

You can simply un-check any update that you do not want to download. To make sure which update you want to install, do not forget to read the highlighted description window in the screenshot. Meanwhile, clicking “Check” will refresh the update list of your operating system.

Now, if you click settings, you will see this screen.

You can see that there are different general options for the updates. You can select the frequency of checking for the latest updates or the actions to take when found new updates. You can either set it to download the updates automatically or leave it to “Display Immediately” to review the updates before downloading them.

Finally, when you have selected your desired updates. Click “Install updates” to begin the installation of the updates. Remember, downloading the latest updates for your Ubuntu Linux will only improve the security, stability and performance of your operating system. So, it is highly recommended to keep your operating system updated with the latest updates.

Screenshots by Zealous.Zaryab

Author: zealous.zaryab