A Brief Guide of Japanese Food-Inspired Tech Gadgets


by Lombroso (public domain image)

If you travel Japan and walk in the streets, you will notice many restaurants showcasing their menus in front. They are food samples, which are elaborately made out of inedible materials like wax. They give you a good idea of the restaurant’s menus before actually entering, and the visualization support can compensate your possible inability of reading Japanese. In fact, according to Wikipedia, that’s the whole point of why people here started to display food samples.

I saw one day a man who was traveling in Japan apparently from overseas. He was avidly taking pictures of food samples in front of a restaurant. I have never seen Japanese doing so. Perhaps, it was rather the rarity of food sample than its practicality that appealed to him, for, as far as I can see, it is not as common for restaurants in foreign countries (at least in Europe) to display food samples as ones in Japan.

Some business people had been aware of it and thought, ‘Food samples have a great potential. Why not combine them with stuff people are into, like gadgets?’ Thus, a unique product as below was born.

Whether you are already fascinated by Japanese food sample or not, I bet you were more or less surprised to see this mobile phone charm. This article shows you some interesting gadgets inspired by lifelike Japanese food samples. It is all up to you to decide after reading whether these products are worth buying. Anyway, here we go.

iPhone cover

iMeshi Unagi iPhone 4S/4 Cover by StrapyaNext Co., Ltd.

This iPhone cover series, iMeshi (‘meshi’ here means ‘meal’ in Japanese), offers a wide range of Japanese cuisines. Shown above is unagi (eels), which looks so real that you might even hesitate to touch the greasy looking body at first.

iMeshi Oden iPhone 4S/4 Cover by StrapyaNext Co., Ltd.

This is oden, a popular winter dish consisting of a variety of food items such as Japanese radish, eggs, fish cakes. Whatever iMeshi choice you will decide upon, I would recommend you try the real food at an authentic Japanese restaurant first so you can better explain by yourself when showing off to your friends.

Sushi inspired goods

Could sushi beat tempura and claim itself as the most recognised Japanese dish worldwide? Let’s say I’ll just leave the answer to you, but you can find loads of sushi inspired goods on the Web.

Sushi-shape USB flash drive big roll by KYOTO SILK CO., LTD.

A flash drive + a sushi roll = funny? or would the surreal combination just end up making your friends roll their eyes? Neatly packaged in a tiny Japanese style lunch box, the USB flash drive can store data up to 4GB.

Sushi smartphone stand complete set by StrapyaNext Co., Ltd.

What would you say to the spectacular presentations of sushi? Assuming you have only one iPhone and one sushi piece supports it, I wonder where the rest would go. Well that’s what the thick sushi board is for. The pink object sitting at one corner of the board in the above picture is ‘gari’, pickled ginger served with sushi, typically coloured in pink. It refreshes the palate – I personally don’t like it much, though.

Cup noodle humidifier?

Cup Shitsuki USB Humidifier by StrapyaNext Co., Ltd.

The final entry is a humidifier which looks like a cup noodle. For use, you have to go through the same old ritual to pour water in and wait for three minutes. Then vapor comes out of the cup to moisturise your room. Good news is this cup noodle does not go that far to simulate the smell of real noodle to spoil your luxurious dinner.

So how did you like them? All the pictures except the first one in this post are presented by courtesy of the following companies. And you can purchase their products through their web shops with English guidance. Hope you can enjoy shopping and find great deals!

StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. (Strapya World)

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