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Music lovers often like to produce or edit music. Music production is a complex task as you will have to mix sounds from different instruments perfectly. A bundle of suitable software can help you to do this. Soundation Studio is such a software which helps you to create and edit music online. This application can be a little bit difficult to those who have no experience in music editing or music production. However, a few days practice can help you to create your own music. You need not to install this software; you can use it directly from their site.

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Terms you should know:

Before starting Soundation Studio you should be familiar with some terms. You will view a new file format .sng. It is a special file format for saving songs in Soundation Studio. This file format contains all the information of the song. This file format is used only for storing information. Another important term is audio channel. Each audio channel represents a separate track. At the left side of your Soundation screen you will see the audio channels. You can insert sound clips to these audio channels from the library. There are some free sound clips which are kept in folders in the library for all users. Each audio channel has its own FX (it is used to add effect), volume, and pan controls.

Like the audio channels there are some light blue boxes which are called instrument channels. These channels are used for assigning virtual instruments. In Soundation Studio, a virtual instrument is a unit that generates audio from notes. You can start to create a note clip just by double clicking on the editing area of the instrument channel. A window named “Edit Note Clip” will appear. Double click (or choose the pencil icon and click) on your desired notes to create your own music. Some other terms are BPM, Genre, and Buffer Size. BPM stands for beats per minute, and genre is the music style, such as house, rock, jazz, or funk. By increasing the buffer size you can run Soundation smoothly on slow computers.

Adding more tracks:

You can edit or modify your sounds by applying different effects. There are Filter, Revert, Delay, Degrader, Phaser, Distortion, Compressor, Equalizer, Limiter effects under the FX button. When you will work to edit a sound track; usual cut, copy, paste shortcut keys can be used. If you have to add more tracks to your music, then just click the “+” symbol which is at the bottom of the Soundation screen. By clicking the “+П” symbol, an instrument track can be added. Add tracks according to your needs. To delete a track just highlight it by clicking it, then press the delete button from your keyboard.

Publish your own music:

You can create your own music in Soundation Studio. You have full right to use, share, and sell the music. You can publish the music on your social networking accounts. Soundation has over 10 years of experience in producing samples. You may hear their sounds on different productions from BMW, CNN, Jay-Z or Apple. To encourage the musician living inside you, start to use this software today. To learn more about this application, visit their “How-tos” page.

Author: SalimuddinSultan

Syed Ahmed Salimuddin Sultan is a Computer Science graduate. He has written many technical articles on different sites.