Reset User Account Passwords in Microsoft Windows 8

Security of any object or a user account in a computer can be considered complete only when it contains a set of credentials that are comprised of two entities, namely Username and Password.

In almost all cases, username is accepted by the computers in plain text and can be seen by anyone. On the other hand, the password for the username is always encrypted and when typed, its characters are masked by asterisk symbols. Many times, while working on Command Line Interface (CLI), the echo mode is set to off so that the masked characters of the typed password cannot be displayed back on the screens. This prevents hackers from knowing the exact length of the password, hence adding an extra layer of security to the credentials and the objects.

Apart from all the security measures discussed above, there might still be chances when a genuine user might forget the credentials used to log on to the computers. In order to overcome these mishaps and accidents, many applications and almost all operating systems allow users to reset their passwords on their own. In case security of the credentials is a major concern, as per the organizations’ policies, administrators can configure the applications or the operating systems in such a way that the users cannot reset their passwords on their own. In such conditions, users must contact the administrators and request them to reset the passwords on their behalf.

Password Reset Disks

Although the process of creating password reset disks is beyond the scope of this particular section, the concept is still worth discussing briefly.

In Microsoft Windows, the operating systems allow users to create password reset disks so that they can reset their passwords in case they don’t remember them. Creating password reset disks is a user specific task and no administrative privileges are required to do so.

There can be only one valid password reset disk for each user account at a time. In case a user creates another password reset disk for the same account, the disk that was previously created automatically becomes obsolete, and when used, the operating system denies the user’s request to reset the password.

How to Reset a User Accounts Password in Microsoft Windows 8?

In order to reset a user account’s password in Microsoft Windows 8, steps given below must be followed:

  1. Log on to Windows 8 computer with administrator account.
  2. On the Start window, click Desktop icon.
  3. On the desktop screen, click Windows Explorer from the taskbar.
  4. On the opened Libraries window, from the navigation pane in the left, right-click Computer.
  5. From the displayed context menu, click Manage.
  6. On the Computer Management snap-in, from the left pane, under the System Tools category, expand Local Users and Groups container.
  7. From the expanded list, click to select Users sub-container.
  8. From the details pane in the right, right-click the user account whose password is to be reset.
  9. From the context menu, click Set Password.
  10. On the displayed warning box, click Proceed.
  11. On the opened box, populate the New password and Confirm password fields with the appropriate values.
  12. Click OK to reset the password.
  13. On the displayed information box, click OK.
Author: Vivek Nayyar

Works as Systems Admin in Siskin Technologies, India. Corporate trainer on Microsoft and Cisco platform. Specialized in Virtualization Technology. LAN Consultant for some local organizations.