Top Music Streaming Services on the Web

The internet is not just filled with information but it is also a great place to hang out. You can watch movies, download contents for your projects and listen to online radio. We searched the web for best music streaming services and reviewed their features.


Napster originally started in 1999 as a peer-to-peer music sharing service that later turned into an online music company. The developers of Napster introduced some new features such as social sharing, compatibility with smart devices and music sync which made it a very popular music streaming website. After being sued by several music companies and labels for violating their copyrights, Napster is now owned by Rhapsody.

Rhapsody’s Napster – Screenshot of

Rhapsody also has its own music store where you can purchase songs without a monthly subscription. The ‘Napster To Go’ music streaming service is designed for mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Music Unlimited

Sony introduced its own music streaming service called Music Unlimited. The service is available in selected countries such as North America ,Europe, and Japan, and can also be accessed at Playstation online network. The service is also available on Sony devices including PSP, Sony tablets, Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone series, and devices running on Android and iOS operating system.

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Spotify is a new music streaming service based in Sweden but its service is only available in selected countries. They have a large library of songs from big music and label companies. Like Music Unlimited, Spotify service can be accessed from a variety of platforms. Signing up for a free listening trail requires the verification of credit card or PayPal account, and users are automatically charged for premium service at the end of trial but they can request to cancel the subscription.

Spotify – Screenshot of

Spotify service is available in selected countries which includes United States, United Kingdom, Austria, France Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Denmark.


Deezer is a France based online music streaming service and community, and has around 22 million users, and a large licensed music library. Deezer uses Adobe Flash based platform and it requires an internet connection to stream live but you can also listen to music offline by downloading songs to your PC or mobile devices.

Deezer – Screenshot of

Users at Deezer can create their own music libraries and even import music from other audio listening platforms such as SoundCloud. – Screenshot of is an online radio first founded in UK and requires an internet connection to listen to music but there are some free songs available for download. is fairly cheaper compared to other music listening services but it has fewer services and options.



Songs in Library

Music Format



$9.99/m for unlimited listening, $14.99/m for unlimited listening for up to 3 devices

13 million songs


PC, portable devices

Music Unlimited

Free for 14 days, £4.99($8.08)/m for Access, £9.99($16.18)/m for Premium

10 million songs


PC, smart devices, game consoles, smart television


Free for Spotify (entry-level option), $4.99/m for Unlimited, $9.99 for Premium (with a 30-day free trial)

15 million songs

MP3/ACC format, 160kbps/s standard and 320kbps/s for premium users

PC, smartphone platforms, webOS, MeeGo, WB TV and more


£4.99/m ($8.08) for Premium, £9.99/m ($16.18) for Premium+

18 million songs

FLV format bit rate of 400kb

Web for live streaming

Free 50 tracks, €3/m ($3.91) for users outside UK, US and Germany

12 million songs


Web, Android, iOS, Xbox where available


Author: Haris Amjad