$20 Managed WordPress hosting Sova WP, both faster & cheaper than WPEngine

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Sova WP is a cloud hosting service specializing in WordPress sites. The β-version of this service was released last month.

Sova WP

(This article has been created based on promotional requests by ADID Pte Ltd)

The service has had exposure since it was exhibited at WordCamp Osaka and WordCamp Tokyo, but the service was only open to a very limited number of test users, and closed to the general public. Since last month, the β-version of this service has been available on an invitational basis.
The main selling point of this service is that it can cope with high traffic loads at a very low price. To examine this, we used a load testing service to compare the performance of Sova WP with the current market competitor WP Engine.

Comparison Testing of Performance

First, we need to determine our testing conditions. For our site, we have experienced traffic spikes when we were mentioned on social media. During these times, the simultaneous number of users per minute rose to approximately 1000 users. Therefore, we will set our benchmark at 1000 user accesses per minute, with a timeout threshold of 1 second. Sova WP plans to deliver boost functionality and CDN functionality within this year, but since the current β-version lacks these features, we tested Sova WP without them.

Test Target
1. Sova WP Personal ($20/month )
2. WP Engine Personal ($29/month )
3. WP Engine Professional($99/month)

Both services are advertised as cloud services, so we will use them without any fine tuning, with the default template directly after installation. We performed load testing on the Twenty Thirteen top page.


The number of hits per second as a graph. For load testing, we used the Blitz service.

1, Sova WP PersonalSova WP

You can see that the service is constantly handling 900 to 1000 accesses per second. The response is steady.


2. WP Engine Personal

wpengine-1000user-personalConstantly handling 500 to 600 accesses per second.


3. WP Engine Professional

wpengine-1000user-professionalConstantly handling 700 to 800 accesses per second.


Detailed metrics are listed in the following table.

Service Plan Price Hits Errors Timeout Transffered Avarage hit rate Average response time
Sova Small $20 99.03% 0.32% 0.65% 439.03MB 874/sec 44ms
WP Engine Personal $29 95.52% 1.52% 2.95% 278.17MB 558/sec 592ms
WP Engine Professional $99 90.25% 4.90% 4.85% 340.23MB 678/sec 216ms

Although Sova WP costs only $20, it handled more than 99% of the 1000 simultaneous user accesses, and therefore, even with its affordable price, the test results show that it outperforms the $99 plan from WP Engine. And WP Engine Pro is fast (678/sec, 216ms), but some transactions fail because of the amount of traffic. In actual use when running a blog, features such as plugins and increased numbers of articles may cause lower performance than the test results, but given the boost function and CDN function which are planned to be provided within this year, a traffic  spike due to social media buzz should be handled effortlessly.

Detailed reports from Blitz regarding the current tests can be viewed at the following URLs:

– Sova WP Personal
– WP Engine Personal
– WP Engine Professional

FYI, this site you are reading also uses Sova WP, and it has been operating stably despite increased referrals from social media sites.